How to make a new swirl Kawasaki rose origami flower

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61th picture of New swirl Kawasaki rose origami flower


We need to prepare for a" double reverse fold" consisting of two mountain and two valley folds.


Double-reverse fold map is shown in detail on the left.


The order of folding will be:


(1) star --> diamond


(2)star --> heart


(3) diamond --> triangle


(4) heart --> triangle

62th picture of New swirl Kawasaki rose origami flower


First, you need to find the "star" point which is located about 3.6 units from the edge.


If you want to count it from the first grid near the edge, then it will be exactly 3 units.


If we consider this star point as a coordinate origin (0, 0) of xy-system, then the "diamond" point will be at (1, -2).


Prepare for a mountain-fold along the blue line starting from the star and ending at the diamond.



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If you have a difficulty in these steps, you are welcome to write a question below.
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How To Make A New Swirl Kawasaki Rose Origami Flower

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