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Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas


There are many marriage proposal ideas. But would you want your proposal to be the most memorable? Here is a unique one. Present your love one with roses with poem. You can make either single or dozen bouquet of rose flowers with your 1st anniversary poem imbedded on the center and/or petals. Engrave your heart into your love one's heart by letting them know this rose flower was made exclusively just for her (or him). This is the utmost significant gesture in embodying your exact words. This everlasting bouquet (or single rose flower) is perfect for your marriage proposal.



Using QT origami rose



You need to start with 20cm x 20cm square paper. Make a 8x8 matrix base.


QT rose template



Then write your mesages (refer to the table shown below) on center and/or petal positions.




( Center )
( 2 Petals )
( Center + 2 Petals )
( 4 Petals )
( Center + 4 Petals )
  • Juliet,
    Will you marry me?
  • Giving meaning into
    my life.

  • Christine,
    Will you marry me?
  • I give you my heart.

  • Written on this rose.

  • Maria,
    Will you be my
    loving bride?
  • Take my hand
  • and walk through
    my dreams with me.
  • Emily,
    Will you marry me?
  • We go together
  • like keyboard and mouse
  • like air and breath
  • like peanut butter
    and jelly
  • Jackie,
    Will you marry me?
  • Mary,
    would you like
    marry me?
  • Life without you
    life without love.

  • Lisa,
    Will you marry
  • Lisa and Taylor

  • October 28, 2013

  • Lisa,
    Will you marry
  • me?
  • With the warmth of
    my arm
  • I will hold you at
    my side
  • To propose those
    precious words
  • Crystal,
    Will you be my
    loving bride?
  • Guess who thinks
    of you?
  • Guess who misses
    of you?
  • Guess who dreams
    of you?
  • Guess who loves you?
  • It's me!
    Will you marry me
    , please?
  • Could I have
    your hand in
  • Catherine,
    Will you be my loving

  • November 30, 2005
  • You are my
    dream come

  • I can't wait to
    wake up every
    morning with
    you by my side.

  • Sabrina!,
    will you marry me?
  • From the first time
    thatI met you,
  • I knew without
    a doubt,
  • I would be with you
  • Gina, Will you be my
    eternal partner?
  • You give my world color.
  • You give my world smiles.
  • You give me your world.
  • So let us be ours.
  • R,
    Will you marry me?
  • Jennifer,
    Will you be my
    loving bride?
  • I would like to
    be with you for
    the rest of my life.

  • Angelina,
    Will you marry me?
  • I am kneeling in
    front of you to
    ask you

  • to accept my
    love by becoming
    my wife

  • Lily,
    Will you say "YES"?
  • I've searched my entire
  • life for my soul mate
  • I finally found you
  • Jade,
  • Will you marry me?
  • When I listen to you,
    I know the beating of
    your heart.
  • When I gaze at you,
    I find this amazing
  • When I hear your voice,
    I feel my heart fill up
    with you.
  • When I'm with you,
    I know who I want to spend
    my life with.
  • Jane,
    Will you marry me?


Red color stands for the message written on the center of the rose.




Now, make a QT rose.


QT marriage proposal rose

You need to make stem, calyx, and two leaves.



single QT anniversary rose


If it is too much for you to make this single rose with poem, then you can order it from


If you want, you can add 11 surrounding standard rose to make a bouquet.


only-U bouquet with (1) QT rose, (2) 11 standard roses, (3) calyx, (4) two leaves, and (5) stem.


If it is too much for you to make this bouquet with poem, then you can order it from



you-and-me bouquet


If you don't need to make your own poem, then here is another suggestion.


You can celebrate two favorite color of both you and your loved one by making a u-n-me bouquet with 12 single standard roses.







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